That's me (in the middle), as seen from Hoover Tower at Stanford.

This is the main quad at Stanford. The building on the right is the Stanford Memorial Chapel.

The building in the middle is the Schwab Residential Center, where I currently reside.

This is some of the view from the window of my bedroom.

Here's a picture of my family in front of a big redwood tree.

This is my mom and dad in Yosemite National Park.


Here are more pictures from our Yosemite trip (click for larger views).

The person standing is Philip Su, who (you'll notice) took the opportunity to ham when he knew I wasn't looking. Notice that I was much more polite. (heh... we'll see about that next time, mr. su!)

Stanford has the world's largest collection of sculptures by the artist Rodin. These are two of them.

Here's me getting my head shaved, from the preshave picture on the left to the post-razor shiny head. (click for larger copies. thanks to philip's digital camera for these pictures)

Here's my mom's cousin Larry Gilbert, and his wife Patsy at the place in San Francisco where we ate on Thanksgiving.

Here's a picture of my suitemate's chocolate frosted flakes during our ant infestation. We had to put all the cereals in the freezer, but some ants had already gotten into this particular box. Unfortunately we found out that dead (frozen) ants float in milk. Brian (my suitemate) picked out a few of them from the bowl, but then he gave up and ate it ants and all.

Here's a picture of cows taken from the rental car on our trip to death valley during Thanksgiving break (you can read more about the trip on Philip's web page). Anyway, he wanted me to take a picture of the pretty mountains, and the cows just happened to be there when I snapped it (we were driving at the time). I sort of like them there. I think it adds a nice touch, don't you?

Uncaptioned pictures...